Investment Management Business

In 2007, using our extensive knowledge and experience in hedge fund investment, we formed an investment management service to meet the complex and sophisticated requirements of investors.

Our Edge in Investment Management Service

Our edge is provided by our investment team, which is specialized in alternative investments. The investment team, with broad experience and professional expertise, is able ro provide investors with incomparable and appropriate investment solutions, in a timely manner, based on extensive research and analysis throughout our global network. Additionally, we put the highest priority on complying with all relevant rules and regulations.

Investment Team and Decision-Making Process

The Investment Management Department is committed to providing investment knowhow of extremely high quality in alternative investments based on its extensive experience. The Investment Committee executes the investment strategy plan, devised by the Investment Management Department, following a neutral and highly transparent decision-making process.

Client Service, Compliance, Risk Management and Other Internal Checks

We place much emphasis on client service in order to ensure that our clients are fully informed about their investments. Our objective and practical compliance and risk management are implemented through our rigorous internal control system of checks and balances.