Securities Business

Utilizing our high level of experience and knowledge in the alternative investment industry, as well as our global network covering US, Europe and Asia including Japan, we provide investors with investment opportunities to various alternative investment products.

As the leader in the field of alternative investment

  • We respond to the needs of professionals with our own know-how and experience.
  • We provide investment opportunities for sophisticated alternative investment products.
  • We provide fine-tuned services under long-term commitment.

Value-Creation Process

  • Grasping needs of investors through cutting-edge information network
  • Proposing ideas for investors' potential needs based on their risk return profile
  • Identifying world's leading/cutting-edge investment opportunities utilizing our global network
  • Selecting the most appropriate product investment manager through thorough due diligence
Modeling of Product
  • Tailoring the investors' needs into investment terms and conditions
  • Adjustment with various regulations and vehicle selection
  • Supporting investors' due diligence process and product selection process
  • Supporting various operations concerning subscription
After-sales Care
  • Monitoring after the subscription and follow-ups, functioning as a liaison for investment manager
  • Functioning as the primary point of contact in Japan on the occurrence of events
  • Provision of special reports and tailor made reports adjusted to investors' needs as well as regular reports
Legal & Compliance, Documentation, Translation
  • Our infrastructure for investment with a sense of reassurance: adjustment for compliance with applicable laws, documentation and Japanese translation