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Japan Alternative Investment Co., Ltd was established in December 2001 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (“Mitsui”) in the strong belief that alternative investments can be an important tool to contribute to the development of the asset management industry in Japan. During the past 15 years, we have not changed this belief, and, by utilizing the domestic and global network of Mitsui and enhancing our ability to identify unique products, we have continuously strived to best serve our clients -- sourcing, developing and providing investment products and structured solutions that meet their needs as well as offering post-investment services.

Now, in April 2017, we will change our corporate name to Mitsui & Co. Alternative Investments Ltd. to evolve into a scaled-up, all-round professional of alternative investments as a core subsidiary in Mitsui’s financial business.

We understand that all-rounders of alternative investments need to develop a wider range of investment products and solutions and customize service for investors because we see continuous expansion and diversification in investors’ needs as asset management business sophisticates. With responsibility and recognition as an expert in the alternative investments field, we will remain committed to further enhancing our ability to identify unique products, and providing or proposing a wider lineup of solutions in collaboration with other companies in the Mitsui Group in order to be the leader in the field. In addition to our current product lineup, which includes hedge funds and private equity funds, we aim to provide investors with new funds/products related to real estate, infrastructure, and other real assets that are developed with Mitsui’s expertise in real business, real assets and its global business relations/network that it has accumulated as a leading trading company.

We will continue exerting our best efforts to be a company that constantly explores new territories, lives up to social expectations by recognizing our professional responsibilities, and contributes to the development of not only the alternative investments field but the broader financial industry as well.

Akira Kamosaki
President & CEO
Mitsui & Co. Alternative Investments Limited

Hiroto Asakawa
Mitsui & Co. Alternative Investments Limited