A Specialized Securities / Investment Management Company

As our name suggests, we are a securities/investment management firm specializing in alternative investments, founded in December 2001 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsui & Co. Since then we have been expanding the scale of our business alongside the development of alternative investment in Japan, servicing the investors as the leader in the field. Not only at the dawn of alternative investment, which is the time of our inception, but also up until today when alternative investment is receiving high recognition, we have been earning ourselves a high reputation for our customer creed, quality of service and high quality product lineup.

Our Goal

The word “Alternative” means, on top of “offering or expressing a choice”, “being different from the usual or conventional as existing or functioning outside the established system”. To respond swiftly and sincerely to the needs of sophisticated and diversified needs of investors, we are aiming for a group of professionals in the area of alternative investments with its own network and a wealth of experience, being “alternative” by itself.

Note: "Alternative" is a registered Japanese trademark (No.4647247) of Mitsui & Co. Alternative Investments Limited.