Our Advantage

Our Advantage

We provide two types of business:

Securities Business, in which we mainly serve financial institutions and non-profit corporations, and
Investment Management and Advisory Business, which comprises discretionary investment management services and advisory services that mainly support pension investors and financial institutions.

Our Advantage No.1

We are dedicated to alternative investment services.

AUM*720.3 billion yen

Our Advantage No.2

We are equipped with expertise and unique insight.

Consistent business model focused solely on alternative investment services in synergy with the shosha business of the parent company

Our Advantage No.3

We are offering comprehensive solutions.

Fully licensed securities company that can offer a variety of products and investment schemes suitable for clients

*Total AUM based on our client accounts as of September 2021 (including commitment amount to funds with capital call structure)
*Including both the Securities Business and the Investment Management and Advisory Business

Securities Business

  • Marketing funds as a placement agent
  • Offering co-investment opportunities
  • Customizing portfolios to meet clients’ needs
  • Providing financial advisory services
  • Offering access to the secondary market of fund investments for investors in need of trading their positions
  • Managing funds as general partner
    (Japanese infrastructure fund/Aviation Fund)

Investment Management and Advisory Business

  • Providing discretionary investment management in addition to investment advisory services
  • Offering gatekeeping services
  • Providing investment advice to investment funds
Mitsui & Co., Alternative Investments Ltd.
Mitsui & Co., Alternative Investments Ltd.
Mitsui & Co., Alternative Investments Ltd.