Corporate Missions Vision Values


We identify and create customized alternative investment solutions to meet each investor's needs.
We are committed to the healthy development of the alternative investment market.
We pursue the realization of a sustainable and prosperous society through engaging in alternative investments.


We will become the most trusted and beloved company as the best partner for alternative investments in Japan.


We emphasize the following five values to fulfill our missions.

Integrity We endeavor to always act in a way that we can be proud of to ourselves, our families, our colleagues, and future generations.
We believe our focus on working with integrity will lead us to be a company truly needed by society.
Professionalism We, as a team of responsible professionals, take pride in our work and commit ourselves to achieving goals. Each of us will humbly and vigorously persist in enhancing our capabilities and expertise.
Teamwork We mutually respect each other and build a corporate culture where everyone harnesses the power of diversity, broadens their perspectives through free and open discussions, and feels rewarded by and proud of their work. We work proactively and collaboratively as "one team" to create much greater value than one individual can bring about.
Best Solution We are always flexible and fast in offering the best investment solutions that meet varying clients' needs in ever-changing environment and society.
Spirit of Challenge To respond appropriately to our quickly evolving environment, we will actively take on bold challenges, free from conventional practices and precedents. We are always open to new challenges and opportunities, and enjoy learning from our experiences.