Investment Management and Advisory Business

We offer investment management and advisory services focused solely on alternative investment strategies.
Our team of dedicated professionals are committed to rendering the best-in-class service. We work as a reliable gatekeeper, understanding clients’ needs and challenges and constructing the best portfolio for them.

Investment Management and Advisory Business

We satisfy clients’ investment needs with high quality services because we are…

A pioneer in alternative investment services in Japan
  • Experienced team of professionals and experts
    • Core members have over 15 years of experience in the alternative investment industry.
    • Our strong relationships with managers include many global investment funds.
  • Trip worldwide to get real-time, raw information
    • We conduct onsite visits to better understand the investment activities of investment managers in real-time.
    • Our global network of investment managers, investment consultants, and non-Japanese investors keeps us well-informed of market trends and investor activities.
Able to construct tailor-made portfolios
  • Working with clients to solve problems and present solutions
    • Experience in managing a number of funds enables us to construct the portfolio that best meets specific client needs.
    • Our research has led to sourcing and investing with excellent managers that were unknown in Japan.
  • Providing active, hands-on monitoring
    • Our strong relationships with investment managers help us accurately report the status of clients’ portfolio investments.
    • Experienced staff are appropriately managing client accounts and distributing reports that meet investors’ requirements.
Backed by the expertise of Mitsui & Co. Group
  • Applying the expertise and experience of Mitsui & Co., Ltd., in a variety of industry sectors.
  • Cooperating with Mitsui & Co. Group companies

Services We Offer to Investors

Discretionary Investment
Selection of Alternative Investment Products to be Included in Client Portfolios
Construction of Alternative Investment Portfolios
Sourcing, due diligence, structuring, monitoring, and reporting
Investment Advisory
Investment Advice to Funds
Providing advice for renewable energy funds that invest in projects in Japan as well as for a non-life insurance linked strategy fund (fund of funds)

Gatekeeping Service

1Construction of Balanced, Diversified Portfolios

Alternative investment funds, although investing in the same asset class, may have different risk/return profiles, depending on various underlying elements.

2Proactive Exposure Management

Alternative investments held by investors are often closed-end funds, which make capital calls on an irregular schedule during the investment period. Thus, in order to keep the exposure of the overall portfolio at a constant level, investors need to allocate their capital to a diverse set of funds with different timing of cash inflow/outflow.

Major Criteria for Fund Selection

  • Size
  • Investment Team Members
  • Investment Experience
  • Management Structure
  • Investment Process
  • Track Record
Investment Strategy
  • Country/Region
  • Sector
  • Source of Return
  • Phase in Fund’s Life
  • Vintage Year

Building a diversified portfolio by investing in multiple funds with different performance drivers may result in investment performance that is less sensible to the economic cycle and stable over the mid-to-long term. One possible way to achieve this can be to employ a gatekeeper who can bring its unique insight to investors’ portfolio.

(For illustrative purposes only)

Invested in multiple closed-end funds without a proactive plan to manage exposure by fund phase


Invested in multiple closed-end funds in consideration of the fund phase


Gatekeepers have a great deal of fundraising information and monitor investment funds periodically. By utilizing their services, investors may be able to refine their portfolios and diversify risk while maintaining an appropriate level of exposure.

Product Lineup

Infrastructure Funds

International Infrastructure
We cover a broad spectrum of strategies, ranging from core to value-up, that seek to invest across various sectors.
Domestic Infrastructure
Our offerings include strategies that are expected to generate stable cashflows over the long term, largely from the renewable energy sector.
Renewable Energy
Our lineup covers strategies dedicated to renewable energy investments, a hot area among ESG investments.

Credit Funds

Private Debt
We offer a wide variety of strategies including middle and large markets, sponsor-backed/non-sponsor deals, senior secured loans, mezzanine loans, etc.
Distressed and Special Situations
Our offerings are made up of strategies that seek to nimbly catch attractive opportunities set in response to changes in the investment environment.
Marketplace Lending
We offer the type of strategies that focus on the high inefficiency of the market and target to earn a stable stream of income from lending platforms, potentially generating attractive returns.
Relative Value Hedge Fund
We offer various strategies that seek to minimize the market risk exposure and to target mispricing among individual securities as a source of return.

Insurance-linked Funds

Life Insurance
Our lineup includes strategies with life insurance policies, which are less correlated with traditional asset classes, as their source of return.
Non-life Insurance
We offer strategies for investing in CAT bonds and insurance-linked securities, which are less correlated with traditional asset classes.