Securities Business

We distribute funds that employ alternative investment strategies and, combining our experience in fund placement with our parent company’s expertise in real assets, offer financial advisory services to stakeholders in the renewable energy sector.

Placement Agent and Related Services

As a placement agent on behalf of investment managers, we market a selection of funds, communicate with investors through regular and tailor-made reporting, and offer other follow-up services to investors. In addition, we deliver investment solutions including the construction of customized portfolios (e.g., separately managed accounts), fund structuring to meet investor requirements, and intermediary services to help investors trade illiquid positions in the secondary market.

We are an investment solution provider characterized by…

Needs-driven Approach
  • Taking a neutral stance to source investment strategies that meet clients needs
  • Offering the right products at the right time in terms of market environment
  • Delivering customized solutions
  • Capable of structuring suitable solutions for investors
Frontier Spirit
  • One of the first financial service companies in Japan to focus on hedge fund strategies, infrastructure investments, and insurance-linked strategies for marketing
  • Introducing brand-new types of products to create a new market
  • Actively collecting market information that is critical to introducing new asset classes
Combined Expertise
  • Assigning a team of expert staff for each asset class in our product lineup
  • Using the expertise and experience of Mitsui & Co., Ltd., in a variety of industry sectors
  • Cooperating with Mitsui & Co. Group companies

What We Offer Investors

Investment Opportunities
Fund Investment:
Offer alternative investment products, regular/customized reporting, and structuring services if needed
Provide unique opportunities to co-invest along with Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
Customized Solution:
Create custom funds that meet clients’ requirements
A Gateway to Secondary Market for Fund Interests
Support for Secondary Transactions:
Act as an intermediary between a seller and a buyer in search of an opportunity to trade illiquid fund holdings
Fund Management
Management of Infrastructure Funds Investing in Projects in Japan
Experience in structuring solar funds and a biomass fund; two solar funds have already been launched
Management of Aviation Fund
A proven record of having structured and launched an aviation/aircraft engine lease fund

Asset Class Lineup (Securities Business)

Financial Advisory Service

We assist our clients in designing and carrying out the best strategies for their specific purposes.

Our One-Stop, Integrated Services
1M&A / Acquisition and Disposal of Assets We provide a wide range of support for the M&As of project companies as well as the purchase and sale of portfolio assets, from strategic planning and deal structuring to execution.
2Equity Finance and Related Services* We provide advice on structuring and fundraising for big private funds, introduce equity investors in individual projects, and offer other follow-up services related to equity financing.
3Debt Finance and Related Services We arrange debt financing, including project finance, in ways that work best for clients.

*Please note we do not deal with public offerings and IPOs.